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Two Unfinished Masterpieces: Security Engravers Group Presentation


wo Unfinished Masterpieces.The offset background on the front of the enlarged version of the portrait of Abraham Lincoln as depicted on the $100 dollar Gold Certificate.The portrait of Lincoln .Miscellaneous Die # 1029.was engraved by Charles Burt in 1869.The rest of the note was completed in 1908 by Edward M. Hall,G.U.Rose Jr,Robert Ponickau and Edward E. Myers.The source ofthis engraving was a photograph taken at the Matthew brady studio in 1864.
the $100 Gold Certificate Miscellaneous Die # 7046 was intended to be used for the 1908 Series.This Series was never issued.

The second "Unfinished Masterpiece" wasthe $10 Silver Certificate for the Educational Series of 1896.
This engraving of the vignette entitled "Agriculture and Forestry" was executed by Charles Schlecht,based upon the design submitted by Walter Shirlaw,a Scottish-born artist,illustrator,and engraver.
Mr. Shirlaw also had been commissioned to prepare the design for the $5 note of the Educational series.
The $ 10 notes were not printed since bills of that denomination were not specifically provided for in the ACT of Congress of August 4,1886 that authorized the 1896 series of notes.

The $5 Educational series is considered by some to be the most beautiful note ever engraved on a U.S. Note

I would like to thank RickieB for his help and support of the group with this last minute addition of his beautiful Framed Vignettes.

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