Cuma, Ekim 14, 2011

Audi A7 Review that will Launch on May-2011


The exclusive model from German manufacturer, Audi A7 is given stand out looks and all those necessary features which makes it the best in class option to go for. Audi A7 promises the sports feel along with stand out looks and superior safety features, so for all those looking for all in one option here is Audi A7 to take your heart away.

The powerful Audi A7 Sportback benefits from lightweight construction technology that means the car's body parts are made from lightweight aluminium including elements of the doors, the bonnet, the tailgate and the wings. Audi A7 is one of the most successful model of the German Luxury car manufacturer.

The luxo barge is built with innovative technologies and enhanced comfort, safety and environmental compatibility. The use of various sensors, driving assistance and intelligent electronic systems it becomes a landmark in its segment for safety quotient. Audi A7 is a car built on sophisticated technology which ensures safety, comfort and effortless superiority.

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