Çarşamba, Eylül 14, 2011


These images discoveries antiques dating back to the Ottoman state was found friends I have who are interested in the field of exploration and the search for treasures and has been obtained through the metal detectors near the rail and Ottoman castles and also by the map which contains very important information will show you the funds Treasures.

1-This is a picture of the remnants of an old Ottoman train dropped during the Arab Revolt against the Ottoman Caliphate in Ahadjaswalsourp this image that I'm on mobile

2-These images of old Ottoman pistol, as well as gold bullion belonging to the Ottoman Empire

3-This image is very important and valuable to the Fund up to the Ottoman Empire is full of gold and currency price at the time of the current U.S. $ 1000000
Been obtained by Ottoman map shows the Fund and the Fund's share of this which they found

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